How To Create A “Single Click” Invitation Link For New Connections!

How To Create A “Single Click” Invitation Link For New Connections!
By Rod Potter.

Would you like to connect with more people on LinkedIn and make it easy for them to it?linkedin

I am about to show you a technique that will allow you to easily create a link that you can send to others to send people a link that will instantly request to connect with you on LinkedIn with a single click of a button!

Let’s Create Your ONE CLICK Invitation Link:

1. Login to LinkedIn

2. Click the Profile button at the very top.

3. Find your LinkedIn user number. It will be in the URL at the top of the screen (address bar). It’s after id=

finding your li number24. All you have to do now is add it to this code/link below, along with your first and last name: Name=______

5. They will probably need your LinkedIn email address. So, be sure to provide that to them to be sure they can make the connection.

Here’s how mine looks:

When a person clicks this link, they will immediately be taken to the LinkedIn Invitation screen.

invite to connect stp1To state the obvious, the link is pretty long and you will want to shorten it. There are a number of free URL shorteners. This is an important step.

Here is a list….

  • tweetburner

I use quite often because it will allow you to customize the shortened URL and track the number of clicks you get.

Here is my LinkedIn “One-Step” Invitation link….

Here’s my shortened link: (please feel free to invite me to your network).

You may need my email address which is

It’s a good idea to add your new “One Click” LinkedIn Invitation link wherever you can:

  • Email Signature
  • Business card
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google
  •  Resume/cover letter
  • Blog
  • Online Bio
  •  Letterhead

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