Four “Must Do” Techniques to Getting More LinkedIn Profile Views

Four “Must Do” Techniques to Getting More LinkedIn Profile Views

A strong LinkedIn profile provides one with the absolute best ways to getting found by potential customers, partners and employers on Linkedin and the Internet. Many times 2361128198-1.pngwhen people are considering the idea of doing business with you, they will Google your name first and your LinkedIn profile will come up in the top 3 results.

Therefore, those with an optimized profile will make it easier on themselves to get new business and new connections. That is why it is so important to have an awesome profile that is looking good and fully optimized for the search engines.

You only have one-shot to impress others with your profile, make it good and put your BEST FOOT forward.

Four Techniques To Getting Your LinkedIn Profile Seen

1. Change Your Profile To Public

This sounds simple, but many LinkedIn users have not changed their profile to public. How will potential customers or employers find you? By changing your profile to “Public”, the search engines can index more details and help you increase your global reach.

2. Create Daily Updates

A great way to get exposure to your profile is by being consistent in your creating of daily updates.

Each time you post an update on Linkedin, others see that update and will visit your profile. So, the more you “like”, “comment”, “endorse” etc., the more visible you become.
This is great not only for getting new potential connections, but will possibly people back to your profile or to check out your website/other items of interest.

3. Complete your profile (this includes having a GREAT profile picture).

It is not usual to see that many people on LinkedIn have not completely filled out their profiles. The more detail you provide and the more keywords that you use, the higher your results will be.

Also, a professional profile (or good) picture is very important! Our society in notorius for judging others within seconds of seeing them. When others come to your profile, they will be looking at your profile picture first!

Which means that people will be judging you and your profile BEFORE they even read it! With that being said, please put your BEST professional picture on your profile (not a picture of you with someone else cropped out of it.)

4. Add Keywords For Others To Find You

Pick 2 or 3 keywords that will be included in your profile consistently. When you’re thinking about keywords, think of the words that prospective clients/employers will use to search for someone with your expertise.

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