What is "LinkedIn Secrets Revealed"?

A LinkedIn Insider Lead Generation System!

It's time to enjoy LinkedIn success!

  • Online Video Training

    Over 100 step by step, over my shoulder videos to help you generate new LinkedIn connections & leads!

  • Effective LinkedIn Tools!

    This course contains the latest tools to bring you success!

  • Proven step by step system!

    There is no fluff, no filler, just a proven-in-the-trenches step by step system for LinkedIn success.

  • Watch over Rod's shoulder!

    Watch as Rod show’s you EXACTLY what to do and the winning techniques that he uses daily!

Accomplish Whatever You Want With LinkedIn

  • Would like to use LinkedIn to... GET MORE SALES?
  • Would like to use LinkedIn to... GET MORE WEBSITE TRAFFIC?
  • Would like to use LinkedIn to... BUILD YOUR BRAND?
  • Would like to use LinkedIn to... MAKE MORE MONEY?
  • Would like to use LinkedIn to... STOP WASTING TIME?
  • Would like to use LinkedIn to... CREATE NEW PARTNERSHIPS?
  • Would like to use LinkedIn to... GET A JOB?

Catch the attention of your prospects!

Learn from someone that really knows Linkedin!

Who is "Rod Potter"?

And makes him an expert using LinkedIn?

What you will learn...

Learn by looking over Rod's shoulder at over 110+ easy to follow, step by step videos and by using 14 different provided LinkedIn tools!

  • Learn how to tap in to the ENDLESS amount of leads that are “ripe for the picking” on LinkedIn.
  • Learn how to do advanced prospecting techniques on LinkedIn to find business opportunities.
  • Learn how to expand your database of first degree LinkedIn connections!
  • Learn how to establish yourself as THE expert in your niche.
  • Learn how to use simple techniques to get 10X the prospects in ½ of the time!
  • Learn how to send massive amounts of traffic from LinkedIn to your website.
  • Learn how to create a marketing campaign geared towards high-value prospects and sales.
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn groups to explode your business!

 Module 1: "Setting Yourself Up For LinkedIn Success!" (26 videos)

Module #1 Contents- (26 videos)

The first step in the process is creating an unbeatable and fully optimized profile. This module is the foundation to your success!

  • How to "Stand Out From The Crowd" with a great headline!
  • How to get new customers to call you daily from your profile!
  • How to create a great profile!
  • How to create an awesome background profile image!
  • Why 1st connections are so important!
  • My BIGGEST profile secrets exposed!
  • How to create LinkedIn ad's!
  • What to do with each of your old and NEW connections.
  • Learn 7 secrets that the most successful business people on Linkedin use!
  • How to get your profile ranking in the top 3 of your profession!
  • Things to do and not to do on Linkedin!
  • To use or not to use Linkedin Ads?
  • and much more!

"Your profile is the most important thing on LinkedIn. Unfortunately, it's always changing and never quite perfect. A good profile will make or break your success on and off of LinkedIn!"     

                                                                            - Rod Potter

 Module 2: "How To Build Targeted Connections & A World Class Network!" (44 videos)

Module #2 Contents (44 videos)

The second step in the process is all about building a massive network of connections, building a group and learning the techniques that will take you in to the whole new levels!

  • How to get tons of new first connections!
  • How to export ALL of you connections contact information including email addresses in minutes!
  • Quick and easy ways to followup with all of your new connections!
  • Proven techniques to to get more connections.
  • Insider tricks to generating an endless supply of "Effective Posts" and content!
  • Advanced search techniques to find targeted connections!
  • How to generate leads using LinkedIn!
  • How to do recommendations and why you should give them!
  • How to endorsements and why you should do them!
  • Groups, a goldmine for leads, branding and new partners!
  • Flicking on the switch to super group success!
  • How to create your OWN GROUP!
  • How to get people to JOIN your group in droves!
  • And Much More!

Module #3:  "How To Generate Leads & Get Massive Exposure!"  (50 videos)

Module #3 Contents (50 videos)

The third step in the process is all about putting your new network into action! Get leads, get sales, job interviews, you name it!

  • How to create a LinkedIn Pulse article and why its important that you do!
  • Unlocking the secrets to content curation!
  • Easy techniques to generate MASSIVE exposure!
  • How to maximum post views!
  • How to create engaging posts!
  • Step by step on how I created a viral post!
  • Generating new business for your new connections!
  • Simple ways to following up with your new contacts!
  • How to drive traffic back to your video or website!
  • How to get company views and followers!
  • Getting massive exposure for you and your business!
  • Achieving more... in less time!
  • Best way to get the attention of your prospects!
  • Secret way to send messages to 2nd connections!
  • How to get LinkedIn Profinder leads!
  • How to build your email list using LinkedIn!
  • Tons of LEAD GENERATION techniques!
  • and much more!


TOOL #1-  Over 200,000+ articles for all business niches.  Endless amounts of articles and content to post!

TOOL #2- List Building 2.0 Training Package!

TOOL #3- LinkedIn Ad's Training Package!

TOOL #4-  (23) "Cut & Paste" TIME SAVER email templates!

TOOLS #5, #6 and #7- Building The Perfect Profile!

TOOLS #8,#9 and #10- Lead Generation Tools!

TOOLS #11, #12,#13 and #14- LinkedIn Automation Tools!

  • Learn how to target new connections!
  • Connect with people that will buy your products/services!
  • Learn how to connect with the right people for you!
  • Learn how to get more with little effort!
  • Learn how to get more media exposure!
  • Learn how to generate leads for FREE!
  • Learn how to use media to market what you want to!
  • Learn how to get the most out of your time!
  • Learn how to GET recommendations!
  • Learn how to get MORE recommendations!
  • Learn why giving them is so important!
  • Learn how to give a good recommendation!
  • Learn how to find the perfect connection!
  • Learn the word strings that open up LinkedIn to your searches!
  • Find specific people using Boolean Search techniques!
  • Take your searches to a whole new level!

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"Hey Rod, just wanted to let you know that I followed your advice about the linked in group. on the second day I got a $1000 sale for "The Launch Your Mastermind Bootcamp." So I wanted to thank you for your wisdom and advice!”

Jay Fiset
Jay Fiset CEO & Founder at The Creators Code

“ As a newbie to utilizing LinkedIn, Rod’s classes took me from the basics to advanced techniques in an easy to follow, interactive manner. "

Melinda Dale
Melinda Dale SendOut Cards

“Rod is an exceptional presenter! His advanced LinkedIn courses should be mandatory for any B2b organization!”

Michael Gillin
Michael Gillin NetOnTheRun.com- CEO

“ You were very thorough on how to use specific functions. Whether it be connecting with potential customers, getting leads for new business , how to keep in contact with others, and building relationships with others in our specific industries!”

Rachel Winkler
Rachel Winkler LiftSouth Inc.- Administrative Assistant

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  • TOOL#3- LinkedIn Ad's Made Easy! w/ mindmap & cheatsheet
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